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 Yearbook XIII, 2005. Hopes of democracy. Hungary, 1945 (Publications in Hungarian)
Edited by János M. Rainer and Éva Standeisky
Editor responsible: Gyöngyvér Török


Gábor Kovács: Planning and/or democracy? Concepts of democracy during and after World War II—an international panorama of intellectual history

György Gyarmati: Customs union, federation—a new great power? Visions of a separate peace for small Danubian states after World War II

Éva Standeisky: Hope and anxiety. Concepts of democracy and interpretations of democracy

György Litván: Octobrists in 1945

János M. Rainer: The old ‘Christian middle class’ and the hope of democracy

István Margócsy: Lyric poetry and change of system

Péter György: The Germans' mass confiscation of books in Budapest. Silence, writing it down, keeping it quiet

András Lénárt: ‘Don’t ask for names.’ Public-opinion polling in Hungary between 1945 and 1949

Péter Kende: How did 1945 change from hope into divisive force? Theses

Mária Vásárhelyi: Judgement of 1945 in public thinking



Report on the scholarly activity of the 1956 Institute in 2004. Compiled by Pál Germuska

Publications. Compiled by László Győri

Bibliography. Compiled by László Győri


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