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Approaches to Kádárism
Edited by Pál Germuska and János M. Rainer
Design and title page: István Molnár Iscsu

Editors' foreword

Variants of post-Stalinism in recent historical writing

Éva Standeisky: Recent historical writing on the Soviet Union of the 1950s-1970s
Katalin Somlai: Romanian post-Stalinist socialism in recent historical writing
Pál Germuska: "So socialism can throw in the towel?" The second economy in the Kádár period
Tibor Valuch: Market socialism. Approaches, interpretations, assessments

Operative Kádárism: Case studies and recollections

András Lénárt: Home again. Visits home by '56 émigrés
László Kasza: The Hungarian state security service and Radio Free Europe
Csaba Békés: János Kádár and the Czechoslovak crisis of 1968-sources
Judit Kóthy and Judit Topits: The sluice with the rusty wheel. How did Hungary get into the forefront of European gas supply?
Adrienne Molnár: ("'88 was a strange year." Recollections of 1988 in OHA interviews).


Attila Szakolczai: Poor Piroska Jankó. Annihilating proceedings


Compiled by László Győri: Select bibliography of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, July 1, 2007-June 30, 2008

DVD supplement:
Oil, oil, oil, I-VIII. Chapters from the history of the Hungarian oil and gas industry, Part V



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