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Recollection of the Revolution
Personal history (Hungarian)
Compiled on the basis of interviews in the Oral History Archive by Adrienne Molnár, Zsuzsanna Kőrösi and Márkus Keller
Book and cover designed by István Molnár Iscsu
Budapest: 1956 Institute, 2006

Preface by Gyula Kozák

Editor's introduction



Change had to come

The people didn't trust Comrade Mátyás Rákosi any more

Imre Nagy takes a walk down Váci utca

The atmosphere became freer

Not a word of the accusations was true

That was enough of the League of Working Youth and the one-party system



This was the revolution itself

The star was put out

Hold out, Joe!

What do you mean over us? These guys are firing into us!

The siege of the Radio

Let's join the Pest people



How could such young kids have so much bravery in them?

It wasn't a volley, it was butchery

The party leadership gave up

Gunpowder in the air

The revolution spread

The ávo fired into the crowd



We thought the Russians would really withdraw

All the injured were treated

Imre Nagy disbanded the ÁVH

The National Guard was established

The government declared the country’s neutrality

The workers’ councils formed spontaneously

Natural self-organization

The Imre Nagy government must be supported!

All parties may operate

All political prisoners must be freed!

Did Kádár change sides, or was he kidnapped?

Russian tanks surrounded the city


November 4—the Russians are coming

We took up arms

There were front conditions

In Soviet custody

Where’s the government?


Something has to be done!

The parties excluded from power

I have to leave here

The workers’ council was still active then

They steadily informed the people that they were the lords

Shall I join? Shall I take it on?

Society very soon capitulated

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