Hungary's part in international arms-industry cooperation within COMECON
Budapest: Argumentum Kiadó/1956-os Intézet, 2010



1. The germs of international arms-industry cooperation
 1. 1. The creation of COMECON
 1.2. The Stalinite armament programme
 1.3. The beginnings of Hungarian arms exports
 1.4. Domestic coordination of international cooperation
 1.5. Reorganization of COMECON

2. Development of the frames of cooperation
 2.1. Formation of the COMECON arms-industry standing committee
 2.2. Searching for a way ahead: sections and working groups
 2.3. Agreement on the division of labour
 2.4. Krushchev's programme of accelerated rearmament
 2.5. Dissatisfaction and criticisms

3. Transformation of COMECON and the Warsaw Pact
 3.1. Initiatives by smaller member-countries
 3.2. At the extremities of viability
 3.3. Reform of Hungary's system of institutions

 3.4. Institutional linkage of COMECON and the Warsaw Pact

4. Shared interests and national interests
 4.1. The complex programme of socialist integration
 4.2. New challenges-the Third World
 4.3. The limits of cooperation
 4.4. A new pricing system and efforts at standardization
 4.5. Dynamic growth and internal inconsistencies

5. Fragmentation of cooperation-the main developments in the 1980s
 5.1. Running on the spot
 5.2. Interdependence

6. Integrated arms industries


1. Times and places of COMECON arms-industry standing committee meetings

2. Appendixes
 Appendix 2.1. COMECON production specializations in 1958
 Appendix 2.2. Additional and altered arms production specializations in July 1961
 Appendix 2.3. Arms-industry production specialization proposals in 1966-70
 Appendix 2.4. Arms-industry production specialization proposals in 1971-5
 Appendix 2.5. Arms-industry production specialization proposals in 1976-80
 Appendix 2.6 Arms-industry production specialization proposals in 1981-5

3.  Valorization of forint values in the 1950s-1990s

4.  Volume of Hungary's arms-industry production/sales in 1960-89
Figure 1. The structure of COMECON in 1973
Figure 2. Change in the production of structure of Hungary's arms production between 1963 and 1989

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