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László Eörsi:
Köztársaság tér 1956
Budapest: 1956-os intézet, 2006
Editor responsible: András B. Vágvölgyi
Book and cover designs: István Molnár Iscsu



The Budapest Party Committee on October 23–30, 1956

The Budapest party headquarters at the outbreak of the revolution

The Budapest party headquarters before the siege

The attempt to set up the workers’ militia (workers’ guard)


The siege of the Budapest Party Committee building

The advance of the rebel groups

The incident at the entrance

The attacking rebel groups

The resistance and appeals for help by the defenders

Tanks in Köztársaság tér

The end to the resistance


After the siege

Settling accounts

The so-called secret dungeons

The participants after the siege


The repercussions of the "Battle of Köztársaság tér"



Index of names

List of sources and bibliography

Archive sources employed



List of defenders

List of attackers

The trials related to the events in Köztársaság tér

List of abbreviations

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