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Introduction by Péter Kende

A historian in politics

Vladimir Ilych, or the origin of Stalinism (1990)
On the Liberation-in 1990
Who are we bidding goodbye to? (1990)
What can the left wing have a chance? (1990)
Let's stay with the facts (1990)
A historian in politics (1991)
They're not sounding the military alert  yet (1991)
Seen from Jerusalem (1991)
A change of historical awareness? (1992)
Patching up the past (1994)
Digging into the past, remembrance, research (1994)
Exploration of the past and the change of system (1996)
Fathers and sons (1997)
The recipe for faith without illusions (1998)
Let's see what the boys can do (1998)
They're lying on every wavelength (1998)
Our uneasy century (1998)
The festival of anti-fascism at Mauthausen (2000)
On the anniversary of the Aster Revolution (2000)
The rehabilitation of Bálint Hóman (2002)
Two Hungaries (2002)
The uses and nuisances of history (2002)
Admitting defeat (2002)
Remembrance or creating a scandal? (2002)
1956 has fallen victim to day-to-day politics (2002)
"Apostle don't squint" (2003)
I haven't changed (2004)
The friends and enemies of István Bibó (2004)
Two October 15s (2004)

Politics in history-from the beginning of the century to 1956

Hungarian intellectual life at the beginning of the century (1977)
The immediacy of the beginning of the century (1983)
Huszadik Század twenty years old (2000)
Europeanism, Hungarianism and social democracy (2003)
WORLD history (1992)
Asters (1978)
Hungarian democracy and the winners (1998)
Trianon and Hungarian democracy (2000)
The young Rákosi (2002)
The antagonism between "popular" and "urbane" (1990)
The bourgeois radicals and the republic (2006)
Bargaining and volte-face (1990)
Recommencing, breaking away and continuity in Hungary, 1945-8 (1993)
The dying days of Hungarian democracy in 1945-7 (1990)
Was it dawn or just dusk? (1993)
Memorial to the humiliation of ordinary Hungarians (1988)
The two Esaus-but whose voice is it? (1987)
Who actually did the 1950s? (1984)
Debate instead of response (1985)
The memorable 1953 (2003)


Nineteen fifty-six

The Imre Nagy group (1988)
Midnight news (1989)
Resurrection (1989)
Who does Imre Nagy belong to? (1989)
Whose is 1956? (1990)
János Kádár and the reprisals ( 1991)
The SZDSZ and 1956 (1994)
The 1956 Revolution-from a distance of forty years (1996)
1957 (1996)
After revolution (1997)
Expectations and anxieties on October 23, 1956 (1997)
The murdered companions of Imre Nagy (1997)
My invisible memorial tablets  (1998)
The 1956 Revolution's role in changing the Hungarians' image (1997)
Continuity and breaking away-dilemmas of the Rákosi-ite traditions (2001)
István Bibó in 1956 (2001)
Silenced tradition (2001)
The day of astonishment (2005)
The afterlife of the memory of 1956 (2006)
The role of the memory of 1956 in the change of system (2006)

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