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No. 16

Muddling Through in the Long 1960s. Ideas and Everyday Life in High Politics and the Lower Classes of Communist Hungary


Edited by János M. Rainer and György Péteri

Chapters 1-3 and 5-8 were translated from the Hungarian by Brian McLean

The Institute for the History of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, Budapest

Program on East European Cultures and Societies, Trondheim


Recenziók a könyvről


The present publication is the fruit of joint efforts on the part of the Institute for the History of

the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, Budapest, and the Program on East European Cultures and

Societies, Trondheim. The essays in our volume represent a selection from the papers written

for the project "The 1960s in Hungary" organized by the 1956 Institute and sponsored by the

National Program for Research and Development of Hungary. An earlier version of these

essays were included, in Hungarian, in János M. Rainer, ed., "Hatvanas évek"

Magyarországon. Tanulmányok (Budapest: 1956-os Intézet, 2004). Since then all the essays

have undergone a number of revisions on the basis of comments from the process of

anonymous peer review, translation into English, and editing. We are grateful to all our

colleagues who undertook to act as readers and helped us by their comments to improve the

quality of our papers. Brian McLean’s careful and excellent work should be credited for the

translation into English of all but one of our essays. As usual, his contribution has been more

than simple translation – his questions and suggestions have helped us to produce greater

clarity and precision in our texts.

György Péteri and János M. Rainer

Budapest and Trondheim, May 2005



János Rainer: The Sixties in Hungary—some historical and political approaches

Gábor Kovács: Revolution, lifestyle, power and culture—features of political thought in the Sixties

Melinda Kalmár: An attempt at optimization. The reform model in culture, 1965–1973

György Péteri: From Purge to Scandal. The MEGÉV-affair and the changing political style in communist Hungary

Zsuzsanna Varga: Questioning the Soviet economic model in the 1960s

Tibor Valuch: From long house to square. Changing village living conditions in Sixties Hungary

Eszter Tóth: Flats, gardens, oranges, Kennedy rings

Sándor Horváth: Hooligans, spivs and gangs. Youth subcultures in the 1960s

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