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Edited by Éva Kovács. Budapest: Hungarian Academy of Sciences' Sociological Research Institute/1956 Institute, 2008.

Tones, shades and reflections. Preceding the studies in the book (Éva Kovács)
The place of life-story recollections in recollection research. A historical and research introduction (Éva Kovács)

I. Tones
"So it's nothing any more, I just painted it from memory" (Máté Zombory)
Speak well of dead periods or not at all (Virág Udvarnoky)
"Politics is no great shakes; you have to do it as you do, just nod" (Katalin Füleki)
"From now on I'll work as a professional Jew" (Eszter Neumann and Júlia Vajda)
"The whole thing went over our heads" (Zsófia Viczián)
"Life could be lived, but it reduced us in many respects-we gained something and lost something" (Cecília Kovai)
"I have no argument with the Kádár system" (Borbála Bányai and Anna Légmán)

II. Shades
"For me it was a job" (Gergő Pulay)

III. Reflections
"I saw quite close to, but through tiny little windows, what was going on here in Hungary" (Melinda Kovai)

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