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Private history—1956 and the Kádár period

wins the Erasmus EuroMedia Prize

The European Society for Education and Communication (ESEC) and the Berlin Gesellschaft für Pädagogik und Information (GPI) have been evaluating and awarding marks of recognition to outstanding European media productions for ten years, in the Erasmus EuroMedia and Comenius EduMedia categories. The prizes are being awarded this year in Vienna. Eligible for the Erasmus EuroMedia Prize are CD–ROM or DVD products, Internet portals, and radio and television productions that assist with social and cultural integration in Europe, putting forward complex and contradictory European themes (past, present and future) and thereby contributing to the cultural training of Europe.

The project head for the publication was Zoltán Lux and the editor-in-chief Adrienne Molnár. The development and presentation of the multimedia Internet content was supported by Hungary’s Ministry of Informatics and Communications.

Further information on the publication: http://server2001.rev.hu/oha/index_hu.html

Further information on the prize and the event, from the date of the award:
www.gpi-online.de és

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