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Yearbook XII, 2004. Hungary in the Present (Publications in Hungarian)
Edited by János M. Rainer and Éva Standeisky, Gyöngyvér Török
Editor responsible: Gyöngyvér Török

Participation, cooperation, responsibility variations

Krisztián Ungváry: Holocaust, genocide and the occupation forces

Attila Szakolczai: War crimes and crimes against the people—trials after 1956

János M. Rainer: A secret-service person—fragments towards a portrait of ‘György Kátai’

Judit M. Topits: Industrial accident. Publicity stories in the Kádár period (documentary filmscript)

Gyula Kozák: Attitudes and life stories of economic and political leaders in the first half of the 1980s (analysis of secondary sources)



Éva Standeisky: Anti-Semitism during the 1956 revolution

László Eörsi: The Széna tér insurgents during the ceasefire period


Profiles of contemporary history

András Lénárt: A question of style? The natural history of communicating narrative sources

Tibor Valuch: ‘The public-supply situation has deteriorated recently.’ Features of food supplies and nutrition in Hungary in the Fifties

József Ö. Kovács: Being a worker in Hungary after 1956. Some points of intersection between micro and macro-history

Magdolna Baráth: Power beyond the ramparts. The final decades in the life of Ernő Gerő

Csaba Békés: Hungary and the preparations for the European security conference, 1965–70



János Tischler: New approaches. A monograph on the history of Poland, 1939–1989

Márkus Keller: What can a historian write as a historian?

György Litván: Béla Lipták’s Thirty-five days


Péter Kende: Bidding farewell to Miklós Molnár

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