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Recallers, Reminders, Forgetters— Four-and-a-Half Decades of Recollection of 1956
October 15-16., 2001
Outline of the conference (Length of the contributions: 30 minutes)


15 Oct—Morning - Social memory

- Recollection of a historical event - some theoretical approaches (Gábor Gyáni)

- Recollection, suppression, forgetting—the Kádár period (Adrienn Molnár and Zsuzsanna Kőrösi)

- Social memory of 1956, after 1989 (György Csepeli)

-Recollection of 1956 in the outside world (György Gömöri)

-Recollection of the revolution among Hungarians beyond the country's borders (Samu Benkő)

- Discussion of the contributions


15 Oct—Afternoon - Recallers—recollection in historical writings

- Historiography of 1956 before 1989. I. In emigration (Péter Kende)

- Political propaganda and historical writing in Hungary after 1956 (János Kenedi)

- Historical writing on 1956 since the change of system (Sándor Horváth)

- The Hungarian Revolution in international historical study and writing—from Kremlinology to the new historiography of the Cold War (László Borhi)

- Discussion of the contributions


16 Oct—Morning - Politics and Memory

- The Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party and 1956 (Zoltán Ripp)

- The opposition and 1956 (János M. Rainer)

- The place of 1956 in the process of the change of system

- Political speech on 1956, after 1989 (György Litván)

- Discussion of the contributions


16 Oct—Afternoon - Literature, the arts and the media

- 1956 in literature and the arts—before 1989 (Béla Pomogáts)

- 1956 in literature and the arts—since 1989

- 1956 in the media (Péter György)

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