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The Nineteen Sixties in Hungary. Studies (Publications in Hungarian)
Edited by János M. Rainer

Foreword by the Editor


The world around Hungary  


János M. Rainer
The sixties in Hungary. Some historical (and political historical) approaches


Magdolna Baráth
Hungary and the Soviet Union


Csaba Szabó
Hungary and the Vatican. Contributions on policy towards the churches in the 1960s Reforms and reflections


Zsuzsanna Varga
Illusions and realities in the history of the New Economic Mechanism


Melinda Kalmár
The attempt at optimization. A reform model in culture, 1965–73


Gábor Kovács
Revolution, lifestyle, power and culture. Characteristics of political thinking in the 1960s Day-to-day life in the factory---From above


János Tischler
The Onódy affair, 1964


Éva Standeisky
Decay. Power and the cultural elite  


György Péteri
A Pyrrhic victory. The MEGÉV affair and a change in political style in the 1960s


István Molnár Iscsu, Réka Sárközy and János M. Rainer
The world of the 1960s


Factory Life---From Below 

Eszter Zsófia Tóth
A picture of consumption through life interviews with working men and women


Tibor Valuch
From long houses to square houses. Changes in housing conditions in Hungarian villages in the 1960s


Sándor Horváth
Hooligans, spivs and gangs. Youth subcultures in the 1960s


The world of Hungary 

Balázs Varga
A period of dialogue. Historical reflections on Hungarian films in the 1960s


László Beke
Art in the sixties


Endre Prakfalvi
Nineteen sixties’ architecture

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