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Yearbook - 1999


János M. Rainer: The organization of the state security and individual history. Some thoughts of introduction with reference to File of T. G. Ash

Attila Szakolczai: The reconstuction of the armed oppressive forces on the turn of 1956 and 1957

Erzsébet Kajári: Two documents from 1958 on the activity of the political investigating organizations

Magdolna Baráth: The purge of the Ministry of the Interior of the former members of the state security, 1956-1962

Éva Standeisky: The consequences of a birthday

György Litván: The commemoration of Bibó in the Rajk College

Zsuzsanna Kõrösi, Adrienne Molnár: "It was a long, nerve-racking, psychological fight." A collection on the basis of the interviews of the Oral History Archive.

János Tischler: The Polish state security, 1954-1964

Rudolf Ungváry: Informers among the writers. A book published in Germany on the activity of the East-German secret police (J. Walther: Sicherungsbereich Literatur. Schriftsteller und Staatssicherheit in der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik.)


János M. Rainer: Introduction

Bálint Balázs: Ella´s life story. The life of an aristocrat in the 20th century

Márkus Keller: "Good God, night is falling darker?

Zita Sisak: Aunt Irén´s treasury box or what is in the memory of a 70 year old country widow?


Csaba Békés: The beginning of the cold war

Margit Balogh: Failed turns in the clerical policy, or attempts to establish the national Catholic Church

Ágnes Széchenyi: The "year of transition" in the life of a periodical. The revival and the ruin of Válasz, 1946-1949

Péter Kende: Change in the interrelations of the Soviet sphere after 1953

Gyula Kozák: Saint masses

Pál Lõcsei: Twelve days of Békéscsaba in the 1956 Hungarian Revolution

László Eörsi: Freedom fighters´ groups in Kisfaludy Street

Peter L. Hidas: Canada and the Hungarian Jewish Emigration, 1956-1957

János Kenedi: Small mastersingers. Some thoughts on the excuse of Miklós Kun´s book


János M. Rainer: Report from the East-European borderland

Mária Palasik: This was the KALOT. (Margit Balogh: The KALOT and the Catholic social policy, 1935-1946)

Pál Germuska: Hungarian tin soldiers (Imre Okváth: A bastion on the in the front line of peace. Hungarian army forces and military policy, 1945-1956)

Zsuzsanna Kõrösi: Women´s history (Andrea Petõ: Women histories. From the history of the Hungarian women engaged in politics, 1945-1951)

Tibor Valuch: An attempt to reconstruct the political structure in 1956 (1956 and the political parties, October 23, 1956 - November 4, 1956.)

László Eörsi: Lieutenant Münchausen´s adventures István G. Gajassy: ´56 - a betrayed war of independence. The recollection of a freedom fighter from Széna Square László Eörsi: Film reviews Who was Ilona Tóth? ("Skies are higher than the Earth"; His pulse beats ´56 (A portray on prof. Attila Naszlady); Death on Thanksgiving Day (The "Bang-Jensen affair")

Zsófia E. Tóth: Two books on the reprisals (Gábor Jobbágyi: "This is the martyrs´ blood". The processes of the reprisal after 1956. Frigyes Káhler: The Brusznyai trial. )

Tibor Beck: Thematic issues of the Silvicultural Bulletin, Sopron 1956.

Völgyesi Zoltán: Ambiguous modernization, ambiguous social history. (A textbook on the postwar Hungarian social history, Vol. III. 1945-1989)

Adrienne Molnár: Our heritage to be examined. Oral History Conference in Rio Oral History: Challenges for the 21th Century. Xth International Oral History Conference


Report on the activity of the 1956 Institute, June 1998-June 1999 by Pál Germuska

Stormy months. The 1956 Institute and the Financial Act of 1999 by Adrienne Molnár

Publications of the researchers of the 1956 Institute by László Gyõri

Selected bibliography on 1956 by László Gyõri

Gertrud Hoffman (1928-1999) by György Litván

Publications of the 1956 Institute

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